October 27, 2016

Gothenburg, Sweden: Being a tourist in my own home town.

I was born in Gothenburg 1981. I left when I was 16 years old. Since then I have never lived in Gothenburg but it will always be my home town. I normally come home for Christmas. If I am home for the summer the weather usually lets me down. This time, it did not. My cousin and her boyfriend took me kayaking. We went really early in the morning so the sea was calm and nice. It was like a lake. When we came back it had really turned into a sea.  Big waves and windy! We were also lucky enough to see a seal swimming around. When I got to shore I told another kayaker that we had seen a seal. His response was “man, I come here every week and I have never seen a seal”. Luck was on my side. Later that evening we went swimming and then chilled with a corona as we were watching the sunset. One great thing about nordic summers is that the evenings are really long. You get to enjoy the weather the entire day. Here are some photos I took whilst I was a tourist in my own home town.

gothenburg_0027gothenburg_0026kayak1gothenburg_0014 gothenburg_0015 gothenburg_0016 gothenburg_0017 gothenburg_0018kayak2gothenburg_0028gothenburg_0021gothenburg_0023gothenburg_0019 gothenburg_0020 gothenburg_0024