April 15, 2017

Rome, Italy: Walk with Fuji X-T2

Fuji Xt2 Photo walk in rome

This week I attended a wedding photography conference in Rome called Way Up North. It was the second time I attended. The first time was in Stockholm and then I was a sponsor with Album Parrot. However, this time I went as a photographer rather than vendor. I have now been working with wedding photography since 2012 and after “so” many years it is always very refreshing to meet other photographers, listen to some of the best in the industry and be inspired to do something new.

Before this trip I contacted Fujifilm Switzerland as I was keen to try out their mirrorless camera Fuji X-T2. The main reason is because it is so much smaller than my Nikon. A full day with Nikon gears does take its toll. I also really liked the electronical shutter which allows one to have super high shutter speed in order to accommodate very small f-stops in a birght environment. What impressed me the most though is the service focus by them. I met with their Key Account Manager at the airport, had a coffee together and talked photography. I can’t see Nikon or Canon doing this.

Sadly, I didnt have much time to take photos as the light was almost gone after the conference was finished. However, I did capture a few and Rome did not fail to deliver. Lovely city!