May 29, 2016

London, UK: A stroll around London City

Earlier this month I went to London to visit a friend. One morning I decided to take the tube to London Bridge and have a walk about. I had no plans. No route to follow. Just walk where I thought the light was good, the noise was interesting or the smell was nice. In the beginning it was hard to relax and not have a “plan” to follow. It made me realise how “programmed” I am during a normal day. After a couple of hours I managed to slow down and instead observe how programmed others were but also spot people who were relaxed. It was actually these people who stood out in a busy London. The route I ended up walking was London Bridge – Tower Bridge – Shoreditch – St Paul’s Cathedral and Covent Garden.

I recently picked up a second hand analogue camera so all these photos are taken with this camera. For photo nerds like myself: I used a Nikon F100 with Fuji 400h and Kodak T-Max 400.

London_Walk_0002 London StreetLondon GeezerLondon_Walk_0017
London EyeLondon_Walk_0003 LondonLondon Bridge London_Walk_0007London Bridge London_Walk_0008 London_Walk_0015London_Walk_0016 London_Walk_0014