March 2, 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland: Celebrating my mother’s 60th birthday

Edinburgh was the city we travelled to for my mum’s 60th birthday. 10 years ago we were in Rome and Cairo to celebrate her birthday. You see, my mum loves to travel. She goes every year to different corners of the world.  But Scotland was a country she had not yet been to. Nor had my brother or myself. For being end of January, and for being in Scotland, we had great luck with the weather. We saw this yellow thing in the sky. The sun. It was fun to watch some of the locals as we saw people in shorts and tshirts. Sure, the sun was out but it was bloody freezing! We stayed at Castle View Guest House which was very central and had lovely rooms. It also had a lot of stairs. During our time in Scotland we went on a guided tour which was absolutely amazing. Edinburgh is a small town (the old town at least) so you get to hear a lot of stories which are covered in such a small place. We also went for a gin tasting session and then to the pub where they had live music. Edinburgh is definitely a city worth visiting – no matter what month of the year.