December 18, 2019

Boys trip to New York

This year I went on a boys trip to New York. Of course I had to bring the camera with me. I took the small Fuji X-E3. It is discreet, light and easy. These are mainly snaps as we were more focus on sightseeing and consuming beverages of various sorts. The first time I went to New York I didn’t really get the ‘vibe’ people were talking about. This time I did. There is always something going on. People do not care about people looking strange or acting weird. For example. we lived in Brooklyn and had to take the underground for almost an hour to get to Manhattan. Every time the train stopped and the door opened up I saw something unique. I told my family that I would have loved to do a proper photo project in the subway. Just sit for hours and take photos of people when the door opens up.

Street photography is always a bit intimidating. You don’t want to be rude but you want to capture true moments.

Here are a few photos that I managed to capture….