February 12, 2018

Barcelona, Spain: Walk with my new camera Fuji X-E3

A weekend in Barcelona with my mum. We were walking a lot! First day we went to the National Art Musuem and then we walked by to our hotel from there.  The following day we joined a guided tour that took us from Plaça de Catalunya to the Gothic District and then to the famous food market by Las Ramblas. In the evening we went to an amazing restaurant called the Abanik. The last day we saw Sagrada família. This really impressed me. If you go,then you must go inside. It is amazing. Gaudi was a true genius. We also went to see La Pedrera and Casa Battlo which was fantastic as well. In the evening we went to a concert at Palau de la Música Catalana. Instead of going on a tour we attended a concert.

This weekend also gave me a chance to play with my new travel camera. I recently upgraded my camera to a Fuji X-E3. My old Fuji X100S was too slow when I focused in the dark. That has certainly been fixed with this new camera. I can also exchange lenses which is extra fun. I got a XF 27mm pancake lens as I wanted to keep the camera small. It is amazing when you stand among a crowd of people with such a small camera that nobody takes notice of you! The focus on the weekend was sightseeing and not taking photos so these are mainly snaps as we walked around. I wish I could have stayed at some places to catch some proper street photos. Anyway, here are some photos from that weekend.