Workshop Wedding Pictures

Now the workshop with Benjamin Young III has now reached its end (check out his work – amazing stuff!). It was a 2 day workshop that took place in Grand National Hotel in Luzern. The seminar consisted of 10 photographers.  For me the workshop was great!  The first day we talked about how Ben creates all the “typical” shots – ring shots, bride shots, groom, how he deals with lights and so on. In the afternoon we took our models out and applied the stuff we learnt with the guidance from Ben.  The 2nd day we went over the shots we took and discussed what was good and bad. Later on we got 10 minutes each with the models to “create” our own shots. In the afternoon we went over photoshop techniques and also critiqued the images we took.

The stuff I took out from the workshop is to think about light even more and how to pose couples in a better way.

I would also like to thank my two models Odise and Marco. They didn’t met before this shoot and they are not professional models either – however, they were both very professional and both look great in front of the camera. So a big THANK YOU for participating!

Here are some pictures I took during the workshop:

Workshop Wedding Pictures
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