Civil wedding at Villa Meier & Hotel Sonne


This lovely couple had their civil wedding at Villa Meier at Zollikon and Hotel Sonne. It was great to see two families from different countries coming together. As it was small they had lots of time to spend time together and also share some drinks. The Villa Meier is really nice. Outside there is a big garden and on the backside a view of Zurich. After the initial apero we went to Hotel Sonne (Kusnacht). It is located just next to Lake Zurich. It was supposed to rain but the weather was good and it even allowed us to access areas which is normally crowded!

The couple were very easy going and I loved the dress the bride had. Simply but elegant!

Anyway, here are the wedding photos from this lovely civil ceremony.
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hochzeit_Hotel_Sonne-18 Hochzeit Zurich hochzeit_Hotel_Sonne-20 hochzeit_Hotel_Sonne-21 hochzeit_Hotel_Sonne-22 hochzeit_Hotel_Sonne-23 hochzeit_Hotel_Sonne-24hochzeit_Hotel_Sonne-25
Zurich Lake Hochzeit

Civil wedding at Villa Meier & Hotel Sonne
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