August 17, 2015

Wedding Ravello

Hotel Caruso

This gorgeous wedding took place at Ravello which is located at the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The preparation and ceremony took place at Palazzo Avino whilst dinner and drinks was at the magnificent Hotel Caruso. The 3-day wedding was planned by the super great people at Italia Celebrations – highly recommended if you need a wedding planner. The videographers of this wedding was Evergreen – also highly recommended (check their videos and you see what i mean).

The couple came from Hong Kong and United Kingdom so it was great to see how people came all over the world to this relatively remote area.

Ravello is such a picturesque town. As a tourist you have a certain vision of old italian towns and this town realises that vision.

The day started with individual preparation of the bride and groom. The days before their kids had been super good but on this day they could feel that something big was going on and their little one cried a lot during the preparation and everyone tried to calm her down but there was only one solution in the end – to hug mummy whilst she was getting dressed. Got a great image of that below. The ceremony took place outside with the view of the Ocean and the shore of Amalfi Coast. It was whilst the sun was going slowly down so it was absolutely perfect. We then took some portraits whilst the guests moved to the garden of Hotel Caruso for some drinks. Then the dinner and party was by the famous infinite pool with a view of the mountains. Absolutely breathtaking! Add some great music, food and speeches to that and you had a perfect wedding day. Here are the wedding photos from that day ….


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