September 8, 2015

Wedding at Hotel Victoria-Jungfrau


This lovely couple decided to get married at Hotel Victoria-Jungfrau in Interlaken. It was an international wedding as the bride originally from Japan whilst the groom is from Switzerland. They got ready together at the hotel before going for a civil ceremony with friends and family. The apero took place outside as the weather was amazing on the day. There was a little kid on the day running around with a camera and taking photos and videos. It was super cute! See some photos below and you will know what I mean. They also had amazing flower arrangements which was done by Anne from She hand made numbers of the table and also did the flower decoration for the couple, apero and dinner. Check out her work! After the apero we wall went back to Hotel Victoria-Jungfrau where we had dinner. As the crowd was very international each speech was translated into German, Japanese and English! Before digging into the lovely dessert buffet they all went outside and let some lanterns go up in the sky. At one point one lantern got stuck in one tree but luckily nothing happened. Anyway, here are the wedding photos from the day…


Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-3Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-53Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-2 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-5 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-8 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-10 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-12 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-14 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-19 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-28 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-34 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-35 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-36 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-38 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-39 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-42 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-49 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-51 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-54 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-57 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-58 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-59 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-61 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-63 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-66 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-69 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-70 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-71 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-72 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-74 Jungrau_Hotel_wedding-76

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