Wedding Portrait Session

Wedding Trash The Dress

Last weekend I had a “trash the dress” (but not actually trashing it – just using it after the wedding itself) session with Fabian and Jolie.  We met at 7am at Luzern Bahnhof and for sunrise we went to Weggis. In the beginning we had a lot of clouds but then the sun came through and gave us a lovely day. It was freezing cold but they did great! I also asked them to climb up a pretty steep hill (that also had “leftovers” from cows). The picture above is one of my absolute favourites! Sadly it cannot be appreciated in a browser – it is a photo that is stiched together with 8 photos. I plan to get this printed as a 2 meter panorama!

After 3 hours of shooting in weggis (all the nature shots you can see below) we had lunch in Grand National Hotel in Luzern and after that we had an hour photo session at Palace Hotel.

Here are the remaining photos from the day………      Let me know if you got any favourite!

Wedding Trash The Dress

Wedding Trash The Dress

Wedding Trash The Dress

Wedding Trash The Dress

Wedding Trash The Dress

Wedding Portrait Session
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  • URSULA said:

    The one with the veil and the last one (with landscape) is stunning!!!!!

  • Andreas Holm said:

    Well done Magnus! That last one is FANTASTIC!!!

  • Super images Magnus! The autumn colors are awesome man!

  • Beltran said:

    just taking the breath away... again

  • Volker said:

    Hallo Magnus,

    fantastic Pictures! After the Holidays it´s time to fix your account at
    so get in contact with me then.

    Until then have a look at

    No chance to see you at Fotomässan 26-28 november in Stockholm i guess?

    Have a great day Magnus!


  • Pamela F said:

    WOW, that stitched photo is absolutely incredible. They're all so beautiful.

  • Eliza said:

    Första är fantastiskt, 4,10,11 med -och det var svårt,alle är så vackra så man le mot dom.
    Fantastiska bilder!!!

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  • melia said:

    All gorgeous, but that last landscape is shocking!

  • Sanslöst vacker bild, den sista, Magnus! Alla är mycket vackra.

  • Kelvin said:

    Hi Magnus, no idea how you achieve the look in the last picture, but it's nothing I've ever seen before. Thank you.