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(one of my favourite photos from when I was in Egypt)

The other day I had a Wedding Portrait / Trash the dress photoshoot with Jolie and Fabian in Weggis, Switzerland and for lunch we decided to eat at a restaurant which was right next to the water and had a lovely view…we arrived at 11:20am and asked if we could have breakfast outdoors. They had around 10-12 tables and all empty. The waiter said they would open at 12:00. We decided to go for a coffee and come back at 12:00. When we arrived we saw that 3 tables were already taken… we enquired if we could take the 4th table which was literally next to the water. He said the chef could not manage more tables outside (the three tables) but he offered us to sit inside the restaurant. We asked what the different is if we sit inside or outside for the chef (WTF!). He simply didn’t give us a proper answer and then left! We waited 40min and got no food. Great lunch and service!

Later on the SAME day Patri and I went to a pizza place in Luzern. We arrive there at around 17:15 and there was a sign saying they were closed between 15:00 and 18:00. In which country can you close your pizza shop on a friday between those hours?? Anyway, we were starving and felt like a pizza real bad. We decided to wait. We were sitting in the cold outside the pizza shop and then the owner came at 17:55 and opened the door. We walked inside the shop and then were TOLD OFF that it was 17:55 and he wont start till 18:00. Again…WTF!!

Talk about frustration!! Well very much like this kid……but we didn’t have bob marley:

People are awesome

Amazing Bike Tricks

Love him or Hate him, but you do have an opinion – Mourinho. This footage shows how he instructs his players to get red cards so they will miss the next match which has no signifigance in the group stages. I luv it!

Another characters that you either love or hate….Zlatan! He scored a wicked goal this week:

Random Ramble
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  • Edo said:

    love mourinho, hate zlatan.. they both left inter, but at least mou made us champions and didn't go to milan :oP