Random Ramble

This post I will not ramble so much – but show a collection of videos I have seen over the last few weeks…..some great stuff! ENJOY!

This is simply MEAN:

After watching this video you WILL want one of these animals – I already checked myself – but it is not allowed. Nevertheless, this is how I feel most of the day:

Check from 1:20 onwards – a couple getting married in maldives but they did not have a translator so the guys pretended to be a priest and said a lot of crazy stuff – you have not seen anything like this before:

If you hire a photographer and videographer – make sure they are happy with each other – otherwise this can happen:

This is WRONG but also funny!

A strategic tackle – you must love it!

Random Ramble
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  • Patricia said:

    Jajajajaj!! Photographer vs videographer is awesome!!!!