Ramble September 2010

This is my FIRST picture I took with a “real” camera that I shared online. Was taken with my Nikon 70 (film). Thanks to Riaz!

Dell – terrible support and products!

I have had a nightmare with DELL support. I had an issue with my monitor (banding issues with DELL u2410 – they say the saw the pics I showed them and “it work as designed”. One can clearly see it looks wrong and bad. They say “this is not a 5000 euro” monitor. My mac book shows better color range and even my cheaper monitor at work. ) and since I had warranty I thought it would be a matter of exchanging it. I was wrong. Very wrong. I must have had over 10-15 phone calls, not returned calls and the worst of all – they even hanged up on me because I did not speak german (but when you call you get the option of choosing english which I did).

In summary,  I recommend to stay away from DELL support (and therefore their products).

Ok, enough complaining….


This is high quality reporting from England (funny!)


Football season is back on! Lots of champion league games and premier league is pickin up. I love it! Arsenal, my team, is doing quite well except the terrible loss at home last week. Big game this sunday against Chelsea. As the newspapers will write – a game between the men and the boys. Hopefully the boys (arsenal) have passed puberty and now ready to become men.  Go go gunners!!

Another player every Swede is following is of course Zlatan Ibrahimovic. His start this year was the same as last year…hopefully it ends in a better way though! Time will tell.


Got one more wedding to go for this year and then the season is over! I will try to shoot some bands in order to try something else. Also getting a macro lens so let’s see what I can create with that.

Pretty impressive:

A geeky way to propose – this guy but lots of effort in so you must give him credit!

Ramble September 2010
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