This week was very nice because mum was visiting me. It is always nice to have mum around. Anyone who has been in touch with my mum knows she is very loving and cooks some wicked food. We were not exploring too much this time but we did go to Gutsch Hotel which was very nice. Today my mum went home but the good news is that I get to see her and my family in the early part of December. Will be wicked!

This week I am going to Mike Larson’s wedding workshop in Zurich. I really look forward to attend a workshop and also meet some other wedding photographers in Switzerland. Requests for weddings keep rolling in so it is great to see! Potentially 2 in May, 1 in June, 2 in July and 1 August.

Anyone who knows me know that I love travelling and I suspect next year will be quite intense – already planned for next year: Italy, France, Spain, Menorca, Poland and perhaps Japan! Exciting times ahead!

From Sweden’s Idol….his voice is amazing I think:

A funny interview (in Swedish) with Zlatan:

Picture-of-the-week: My mum….
Mum visiting me in luzern

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