Another week has passed. Can you believe we are in MID FEBRUARY already. This month only has 28 days. It has been a GREAT month so far though. For a few reasons…..

  • My student loan is now paid off!!! What a nice feeling!!
  • If you search for “Hochzeitsfotograf Luzern” then I appear as number uno! Now I need to get higher up on “Hochzeitsfotograf Zürich”.
  • My website is now iphone compatible – so if you go to my main website with your iphone you will see my site in a easier and userfriendly way. You can see my portfolio with a couple of clicks. Wicked!
  • I bought playstation 3 and now playing Pro Evolution online!! Anyone wants a game?? I thought I was good till I played online…getting whopped all the time!
  • In may I am going home to Gothenburg for a long weekend. Will be very nice. It will be BBQ weather, bday celebrtations and so on. GRRRRReat!
  • My brother is still around in Luzern for this month so it is also cool.

So a great month so far…..

Very inspiring video! Just watch it…..

I was recommended a blog and it is a hillarious site:

Here are some examples:


Nikon release a new prime lens – it is the 24mm f1.4. I am very tempted to get one as it will work great in low light situations without flash. If you wanna read about it you can see it here:

Here is a picture of it:

Nikon Prime Lens

However, my wish list for this year is rather big. I also would like to get:

  • A monitor. Thinking between a NEC or Dell 24-27″.  I was recommended by a professional retoucher to look into these screens: dell 2410,  NEC 2490 (24inch) or a 2690 (26inch) wuxi . Price:  500-1500 dollars.
  • New full frame camera (Nikon D700x or whatever it will be namned).  See nikonrumours to be up to date. Price: 3-4000 dollars I would guess
  • New pocketwizards for Nikon that can sync outside the standard 1/250. To sync with 1/8000 would be cool! Keep an eye out here. Price: 300 dollars ?
  • Attend Jerry Ghonis 5-day workshop in Italy.  If you wanna join then check out his seminars here. Price: 2200 dollars

As one can see – being in the photo industry is not cheap. People tend to forget that when you give a quote about your work. Also bare in mind equipment is just a SMALL part of the overall package – a price does not include the most expensive thing of it all. Your time. On top of that you also have insurances, invested time in education, marketing etc. Anyhow,  now I am rambling as I went from a “wish list” to “why it costs to hire a photographer”.

I bought two wicked umbrellas – one I can use for portrait session with a bride. Check this out:
Wedding Umbrella

and also this one – maybe for some cool portrait sessions, groom shots or when I walk in town 🙂
Wedding umbrella for groom

Last but not least – I will also attend a wedding workshop with Bob & Dawn Davis. Arranged by Light & Byte with the help of Daniel Zihlmann. The workshop will take place in Zurich and it will be in english. Come along!

I saw these photos from a wedding – and I think this is how I would like my wedding one day!


Ok Folks, weekend is now here!!! It is time for Salsa with the new salsa gang (Patri, Marco and Caroline) , meeting a wedding couple, eating some fajitas, playing some pro evolution and hopefully some snowboarding!!

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