Florence, Italy.

My weekly ramble-of-the-week hasn’t happen as a lot of things are going on – at first I had some ballet and portrait shots (see previous blogs) to do and then my mum and brother came to Luzern, Switzerland.

It was my mum’s birthday last week so we had a long weekend in Florence, Italy. There are few cities I like to visit twice but this is definitely one of them!

Some recommendations for people going there:

  • Go and eat at Il Latini – food is AMAZING and the experience is truly great. One of the best places I have ever been too.  You will guaranteed be full when you leave that place. Make sure you book before you leave!
  • Hotel Globus – if you want a good place to stay – very central, good price and friendly. Perhaps not the fanciest place but definitely good enough.
  • Best cakes in Florence according to me – Cantinetta di Verazzano

Do you have any recommendations for florence?

Funny Sport stuff:

Small things for 2010

Good article about “small things” not to forget for year 2010:

In april I am going to Japan for the first time – I really hope this will not happen to me! Looks crazy!!!

Any recommendations of where to go, where to eat or what to do in Japan?

Technical – Photography
For photographers out there – here is a good website to calculate “depth of field”. It even gives you calculations according to the camera and lens you got. I started to think about this topic after I took this portrait shot. Here is the link for the calculator: http://www.dofmaster.com/dofjs.html

The points I noted down after looking at the website is:

  • Less zoom = higher depth of field
  • Smaller f-stop = smaller depth of field
  • The depth of field can differ from 2cm to 80cm when shooting from 3 meter distance to the subject vs 10 meters with a Nikon 70-200mm.

Wedding Photography Inspiration

I updated an old post – with photographers who inspires me. Here is the latest list of photographers who inspire me:

Cool Video

The Human LCD – is this for real?? If it is….amazing!!!

Different Post

I follow quite a lot of blogs via my Google Reader and after a while you can slowly see a pattern among photographers. It is rare to see posts which truly stands out. But I found one the other day and I think it is great:

Wedding Photography Update

An update about my photography for 2010. So far I have 6 weddings booked and another 4 in the pipeline. My aim for this year is to shoot 10-15weddings and attend some workshops to develop further. People tend to forget that there is a lot of work after the wedding itself and balancing that with a full time job and a normal life is quite though. Maybe I should go full time?

Other projects in the pipeline is also shooting some wedding brides portraits – this will be real fun as I will be able to be as creative as I like and try stuff that I would not normally do during a wedding. More of this later in the year.

There is possibly a wedding workshop in Zürich for two days with Light + Byte. Fingers crossed. In November I am hoping to go to Italy for a wedding with Jerry Ghonis for 5 days. This guy is absolutely amazing.

My latest gear for my wedding photography – ready for it?? – two umbrellas for the bride. Will look cool!

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