Year 2010 is now here and it is time again to start my ramble-of-the-week. I decided to have a bit of a break during Christmas break as I wanted to spend time with the family and not do anything else but eat, drink and relax. I did end up taking some photos of course – we have a new family memeber who I took photos of. A lovely little (and I mean little) boy called Milo. Also took some traditional Christmas pictures of the family. Also some landscape photos when I took a walk in my home town. This winter was the coldest in many years – it really felt like a REAL winter. It was up to -20 Celcius and we had a white christmas!

I would like to thank all vistors I have had so far – when I started in June 2008 I had a total of 2500 visitors in 6 months. For entire 2009 I had a total of

23 000 vistors and a total of half a million hits. This is still very small numbers compared to the big world out there. But we all need to start somewhere right…..

I hope to make a “2009 best photo shots” – just need to find the time to do so 🙂 But it will come…..

There are rumours that a replacement for Nikon D700 is coming out – might be called D800 or “magnus’s new baby!”:

Here is a funny video – if you have a better one then please feel free to share!

1 Billion Dollars in 17 days – not bad!! I must see Avatar 3D as everybody is raving about it …..you seen it?

Something very tragic happened in my area of Gothenburg. A 18-year old girl (Nancy Tavsan) was so brutally beaten up that she died in the hospital. What kind of human being (if you can call them that) does such a thing? Attacks an innocent girl in the middle of the night. Unbelievable. I truly hope they will catch that or those bastards.

Facebook page for her: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=224079012004

Website Recommendations:

  • English Forum – a GREAT website for anyone moving to Switzerland.
  • Apertura – a great selection of wedding photos. Very talented!

You have any recommendations?

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