Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I wrote this long-ass post and it all disappeared!!! I hate when stuff like that happens! Anyhow, here is the ramble-of-the-week post. It contains quite a bit of photography but also some good videos (one funny, one smart marketing video).

Most of us use facebook or twitter. Are we addicted you think? I don’t know – but I do know that this guy is….


This photo of Luzern City was taken this week during the photoshoot with Patricia (which you can see here). It was taken with a Nikon 10.5 Fisheye lens.

Lucerne City

During the photoshoot I learnt that I would like to get some pocket wizards because the Nikon wireless system is not reliable when you use a Nikon 70-200 (since you tend to be far away from the subject). Whilst I am on the subject of gear – I think I will buy a new camera and it will be the Nikon D700. It has a full frame sensor and its iso capabilities are much better than my current camera. This is something which is essential for me as a wedding photographer. To be able to shoot in low light situations and still get good quality. Also contemplating about the 85mm f1.4.  Very light sensitive and great bookah (the background is blurring).

Ballerina Shoot:

Next year I am arranging a ballerina shoot with some photographers. Much thanks to Mike Larson’s workshop I expanded my photography network within Switzerland. It has already benefited me greatly – met some cool people with lots of knowledge, got a 2nd shooter for a wedding and now this little project I am arranging. A bunch of us shooting a ballerina. Can be well cool! If you want to join – then email me!

Shutter / Aperture / ISO:

If you want to understand the correlations between shutter/aperture/iso in a camera then this website is quite good – it shows you with an image what happens if you increase/decrease any of the parameters: http://www.kamerasimulator.se/eng/?page_id=2

Ikea marketing – genius

Ikea did a pretty smart thing – they used the “tagging” feature in facebook to market the opening of a new shop. Check it out how they did it:


If you like photoshop art then check this out:

What do people eat over one week? All around the world….

With pictures this article shows what different familues around the world eat over the period of one week. It is very interesting and sad at the same time. Have a look and you will know what I mean…..



If you are arranging a wedding and want some inpiration then I can recommend this site: http://circle.stylemepretty.com (My profile can be seen here: http://circle.stylemepretty.com/members/magnusbogucki/profile/public)

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