Feels like this week just flew by!

Paulinho who I went to University with, worked together in Colorado for Sun Microsystems and travelled in Australia/Asia with came over. It was a great weekend which involved paulo almost being run over by a car (he jumped in the air and landed 10-20cm away from the car with frozern windows), bit more alcohol than expected (or not), fat BBQ with friends and some sightseeing.  Picture of paulo in luzern:

Luzern Lake & Mountain

What is exciting is that I got a wedding confirmed for this December and one end of May. Something I really look forward to! This week I have been looking at a lot of flash photography websites and strobist DVD. Amazing what one can do with “fake” lights. An area I definitely want to improve on.

Next week I am off to Zermatt to snowboard for 5 days. I just hope that we will get some snow. At the moment, it does not look good! I want to try out my new snowboard!!

I got around 2.5 weeks till I go home to Sweden for over 3 weeks.  Mum, my brother and I will meet on the “ocean” for 3 days – will hopefully crusie around on a Cunard Ship (will probably cost a kidney but must be a cool experience). Will also be nice to meet some old friends – thanks to facebook I have managed to find a friend from 3rd grade in school that I will also meet!

Some new great blogs that I like:

I was looking at funny t-shirts the other day and found one for people who do not like Christmas…do you know any good sites for good T-shirts? Share!!

A really cool story of a guy taking photos of a sea lion. The sea lion tried to feed him with seals – thinking he was a helpless animal in the sea (which is true). An also some amazing images and photos….

This is what happens when you take a photo from the wrong angle….

Source: http://flashflavor.com/blog/12 (Great blog for photographers!!)

Source: http://flashflavor.com/blog/12 (Great blog for photographers!!)


Funny name in Luzern

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