I have not written in the blog for quite some time now.  I have simply been very busy! My “visiting” season is now on hold till my cousin from Poland is coming in May. I had visitors for over 3 months non-stop. It was great having everyone here and now it almost feel weird to go back to “routine” (whatever that really means).

Since the last time I have been to Paris with Patri and it was great.  We stayed at her cousins place which was VERY nice. So much nicer when you can stay with locals and also enjoy the “day to day” life. I still have photos to process from Paris and I hope to do that relatively soon.  Expect a post with paris photos and its stories soon(ish)! Till then I will give you this COOL link – it created quite a bit of buzz in the photography world:

A shot from Paris which is 26 GIGApixels. It is pretty cool – check it out: http://www.paris-26-gigapixels.com/index-en.html

This weekend I had my first wedding shoot of the year – it was with the lovely couple Dave (from the UK)  and Sabina (from Switzerland).  I am currently post processing the photos and will create a post about that day of course!


They say there are two things you should not talk to your friends about – politics and religion. This can cause a lot of trouble. But this news is so big that I have to mention it here – yesterday was a big day for Americans.  Obama managed to get healthcare for all americans. I read there were 32 million people without a healthcare insurance. That is more than Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland and some more countries COMBINED. For the rich people this is not popular but for the poor it is.  In Europe it is hard to imagine a country with NO insurance – because in the end of the day: we are all going to get sick one day,  some of us might get kids which are sick when they are born, some of us get sick very early (strokes, heart attacks, etc).  Anyway, too much rambling now, but well done Obama and congratulations to the USA!

Funny Stuff

Most people know that Jose Mourinho can say some funny and weird stuff – and he has done it again:

For people who wants to see a mix of his greatest comment then check out:


Now we are entering the most exciting and nerve wrecking part of it. An entire season can be over with ONE mistake but this is what makes it so exciting. Arsenal are playing might Barcelona. That will be one hell of a game. Messi who is on-fire!! As a swede I of course follow Zlatan – he always does poorly against english team and therefore he is not highly rated there. He was however on a trial with Arsenal but believe he wanted more money – and because of Murphys Law – I think he will score against Arsenal. I also believe Arshavin will score for Arsenal because they are now drooling over Fabregas but will then realise we have more than just him. So prediction scorers b etween the two games are: Zlatan & Arshaving. We shall see!

The seaon started in Sweden now so it is a nice trasition. IFK gothenburg is of course my team – this year they are looking strong even though they lost a local derby yesterday! Tobias Hysen is there b ig player for this year. Will be very interesting.

World Cup coming up very soon – do we have any outsiders? who will win? Spain are big favourites but with the form Messi is in now…..can he re-do what Maradona did in 1986?  Very exciting stuff 🙂

Time to wrap up the ramble – any suggestions for any ramble topic? It would be cool if anyone wanted to “guest blog”. If you wanna post a ramble then let me know. I wonder who is out there and actually reading this…..


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  • Ron said:

    Well done USA on their healthcare reform? What the hell is that man? You've obviously got too much time on your hands or doing too much thinking or smoking something. Do you ever think the Americans give a shit about European health insurance or politics, or even know where Sweden is? (somewhere in Europe, or between the Communists or where Hugh Grant lives). Stick to the photography and leave out the politics and religion!!,... keep up the good photography work. Catch you later.

  • admin said:

    Ramble of the week involves everything - even politics :) I think it is a great step for the americans. But still a long way to go....

    Glad you like the photos!

    Soon paris and wedding photos coming up!