Ramble October 2010

Grandma Dancing
(Picture from my cousins wedding – my grandma and I are dancing)

The last two days I have been sitting home as I haven’t felt well – not sure what it is but nice to stop for a while. Anyway, now I am back….so what is new? last week I had my first Jewish Wedding in Lausanne ath the awesome hotel Beau Rivage Palace – I will be blogging about this later on but in short – it was great. As a photographer it is so much fun as they really do a lot of crazy stuff. More of that in my next blog!

Winter season is slowly getting – you know what that means right? Snowboarding around the corner!! I hope my knee will hold as I am still struggling with it from my knee injury in Februrary.

Wedding Photography Stuff

I have finished my FIRST real wedding season in my life – I will of course write a blog about this. My feeling is both happy and sad. It does take a lot of time and especially energy so it will be nice to rest a bit. I will also be able to focus on other stuff now – will try to shoot a musical band one day,play around with macro and so on. By the end of the year I will be published in a swiss wedding magazine – more about that once that happens.

Jerry Ghionis is a great wedding photographer and he runs something called “the ice society” – I recommend it highly. As a member you can submit your images and he chooses one to review for each month. I was informed that he will review my photos so it will be really interesting to get some feedback.

I got a lot of nice feedback from the wedding with Jolie and Fabian – also on flickr:


I got rid of my Dell U2410 monitor as it had banding issues – I expected to get it exchanged as it still had warranty but DELL support sucked BIG time (never Dell again basically!). However, Digitech saved me by taking back the monitor and giving me money back. For the money I got back I got two more items:

A wacom intuos 4 tablet – it will allow my post processing to become better. I can basically use a pen instead of mouse when I play with layers, colors and so on. Will post some blog about it once I have used it for a while.

My second piece of equipment was a Macro Lens – Nikon 60mm f2.8. I already like this lens a lot – I went for a photowalk with Patri and will post some pics from that soon.


Football player grabs the (female) referee’s boob by mistake – at least they both took it with a smile:

Sneaky Goal ey?

Do you know who the fusball player Falcao is? No….check this video out:

Ramble October 2010
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