ramble of the week

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Anyway, it was ages ago I wrote a “ramble of the week” – think I will rename it to “random ramble”? Last time I wrote was when the World Cup started. A lot has happened since then.

I have been shooting quite a few weddings which you have been able to see in my blog. All wedding photography blogs can be seen here…….

But now I would like to tell you about a wedding I attend in London as a guest/usher. It was my friend’s wedding – Gabriel (from Nigeria). He got married to Alicia (Jamaica). As most of you know – I have attended quite a few weddings but this one had the best ceremony I have seen so far. So much joy, happiness and colorful outfits. I was Gabriel’s usher and when we walked down the aisle I felt like I was in a celebrity wedding. Estimated around 500 people in the church. It was amazing. Sadly, I only had my old school camera but I filmed a bit in order to share …. check it out!


People sometimes the better camera the better the photos – it is partly true BUT it is more about lighting. Check out this photoshoot … with an iphone!!

Who said wedding photography cannot be dangerous?

Inspirational video

What adults can learn from kids – if I was only half as smart as this kid…


From idol in Taiwan … and yes it is a guy! But he is amazing…..

ramble of the week
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