Ramble of the week

Here is proof that monkey’s mourn and got real feelings – just like human beings. I think this photo is great:

This weekend was really great for my part. Friday I went out for a few beers, spilled red wine on my couch and wall at home, met with Gabi which I hadn’t seen in ages and danced Salsa till 3am (I danced with my salsa teacher who was amazing – if anyone wanna learn salsa in luzern I would recommend salsapower). Saturday I went to Geneva to do a corporate photo shoot which had some ex presidents and queens in its audience (cool!) and then to Zurich for a crazy halloween party. If anyone gets invited to Alvin Choi’s place then grab it – he is the man when it comes to hosting and making super big breakfasts! Check out this CARB BOM:

Food in Zurich

Sunday we went hiking in Hochflue – following Mark Upson (aka Mr Schales Dog) is dangerous! Folks you have been warned!)

Photoshop’s new feature – seems very cool!!

My mum arrived yesterday and will stay for one week. Nice!!

Last week was good in terms of photoshoots – I potentially got 3 weddings lined up for next year and one this year!

If your team cannot score then sometimes you have to do it yourself….

Ramble of the week
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