Ramble of the week

…. one of my favourite pics from the last wedding.


Now in Sweden with Patri and of course Jessica and Michal came and surprised me as well. We went for a facial treatment (aka torture) and then had some cake at home. Today we got some BBQ plans in the rain and some party in the evening. I also got two photo sessions with friends and family and one of them is pregnant so will attempt some “pregnancy” shots. Look forward to it! After that the next trip will be in July. Wanna go somewhere in Europe – some sand, beach and cool activities. Any recommendations out there?


“Photography is physical….”

During my last wedding I got a really true comment from the groom. He said “I didn’t realise being a  photographer is that hard – at first I thought it was easy”.  He is very right about this – let me explain. You know when you go to the gym and take a light weight of 2kg and lift it up in the air 10 times then you feel nothing – but then when you do it 30 times in a row then you start feeling it. Now imagine having a camera gear in your hand for 10 hours and constnantly moving it in all directions. I know it sounds geeky to say “photography is physical” but when I wake up the day after my entire body is aching – and I do exercise quite a lot so I am not out of shape.  Secondly, constantly being creative is very heavy for you mentally – a wedding is extremely fast and on top of that you have many angles you can capture something. Calculating the best way for 10 hours is also very tiring. Conclusion is, after a wedding I am usually totally exhausted.  In other words, photography is tougher when people think!

There are several things going on within my “world of photography”. Some of the stuff going on are:

  • Trying to arrange a workshop with a wicked photographer from Asia – more details can be seen here.
  • I shoot a wedding this weekend which went well and got some great photos. Can be seen here.
  • I compared the noise between my Nikon D300 against a full frame D700. The review can be seen here.
  • Had a bridal portrait session which can be seen here.
  • I created a group for wedding photographers who would like to help other wedding photographers. This allows people to get “a foot in the door”. The group can be seen here.
  • I got sick of waiting for a new nikon cameara and after trying the D700 (review) I decided to buy it – I am not going to a full frame camera. It is sweeeeeet!
  • My next wedding is end of this month and then I got three for the following month.
  • I joined Jerry Ghonis society which is named icesociety and on a montly basis he provides videos of weddings he has captured, poses and prompts, photoshop tips etc. It is highly recommended!

Funny Video

Goal Celebration goes wrong – celebrating with the wrong team!


Here is a good link to create a music list with youtube – you enter a song or artist and it creates a list with simliar type of music:

Great Song

I heard this song in my last wedding and I really loved it:


Ramble of the week
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