Ramble of the week

Easter Break
This easter I spent with my family in Warsaw. I had a great time. For some people poland might look “worn down” but I think it is really cool with a lot of charisma. Outdoors as well as indoors. At Jessica’s place (where I stayed) we found some old school lamps and wall paper (which is now modern again). I thought we took some really cool shots – check them out here. Here are two other shots we took:

Aprils Fool Day
1st of April we managed to fool my cousins pretty well. We arranged to meet with two of my cousins at a bar and then jessica and michal went in to meet them. They started to pull some bad fool tricks like “oh, you have a stain on your t-shirt” and “your shirt is broken” and then michal said to my cousins “oh, look, magnus is there” and they just laughed at him. Then I walked into the bar and they were pretty shocked. Great sight!

Easter itself was spent with Michal’s family and then with mine. Involved a lot of food and drinks. Was great!

This week I published the first wedding photos of year 2010. You can see them here. Today I met another wedding couple which seems really cool so I have quite a few weddings to look forward to!

I bought a new toy for my wedding empire and it is a new external monitor – will be nice to have a monitor that shows the true colors and be able to work on something more comfortable. I have MANY hours of post processing ahead of me so this is a good addition. Before I bought it I asked around (graphical artists) for their advice and for the value/price ratio this seems to be a good purchase – the DELL u2410. Read more about it here.

Champions League

In my previous ramble of the week post I predicted that Zlatan would score – and so he did. Twice. Yesterday I wrote on my friend’s facebook wall that Barca would win 4-1. During the easter break I bet with Michal on some games and we won 100 euros. I could “see” that happening but the way Messi played with Arsenal I could not imagine. I agree with Guardiola, Wenger and Walcott’s description of Messi – in one word: Playstation.

My next prediction: Barcelona vs Bayern in the final, 2-1 to Barca, Zlatan & Messi to score and Olic to score for Bayern. Anyone has a different prediction?

Ramble of the week
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