The last week was a very intense week. Firstly, my brother left Switzerland and went back to the ship. It was great having him around and just hang around together. The last night he was here it went mental. Let’s just say we finished 12 beers, 1 bottle of rum and 1/2 bottle of bacardi razz. It was not a nice view in the end of it. Was a great night thou!

Same day as my brother left I had Edd from England coming over. Edd and I worked for IBM and it was over 2 years ago we saw each other. Great catching up and even though we both felt a bit sick we managed to go out friday and saturday. His attitude was great when we were tired – I tried to hint we should stay home as we were both tired but his idea was to step it up even more. I asked how we can step it up after drinking beers for a few hours and then swapped over to Rum N Coke. But he did manage to do it. We went to white sheep and he ordered a “long island ice tea”. It was STRONG. It did work. We were buzzing again after a while. Great night out. I reckon Edd is a hidden genious so look out for his name out there!

The day Edd left I got 3 visitors from Poland. The polish mafia who loves to ski are here now. They started with melchsee frutt and they are all burnt from the SUN. So great start of the week! They are staying till sunday so more action to come I am sure!

On thursday I am off to Paris with Patri so that will be sweet! More about that next time.

Creative Work

Today I met with a friend of mine who is a freelance graphical designer. I really looked forward to this meeting as we were going to create a logo for my website but also see another creative art and person in action. It was eye-opening to see how she managed to understand me and then see some of the drawings she was considering. After 2.5 hours of talking and brain storming we concluded I was looking for two things things in my logo and one I didn’t look for:

  1. I want to show that it is important for me to connect with my clients. Our life paths crosses and we have a meeting point. After that meeting we will have shared emotional and important moments. Compatibility, chemistry and emotion are three key words.
  2. I want the couple to feel confident in me and my skills. I do not want to hide behind anything. It is my name and work – and I stand for it.
  3. I do not want to come across as I am selling something to my clients but rather create something together with them. It is a process where we work together.

Another point which was inspiring was to be creative in a different kind of “art”. It gave me ideas and inspiration for photography. This is something I would want to try more often – open my senses to other kinds of art. I do suck at drawing, writing and painting but it is not necessarily the result that counts – more the journey. This will surely help me develop as a person and a photographer. Sounds very fluffy but this is how I felt today so it is very real.

Some notes from our session:

Creating logo for magnusbogucki.com

Weird stuff in Switzerland

Switzerland is a lovely country in many aspects and that’s why I have been here for over 1.5 years. For people who know me that is quite a long time in the same place. But everything good has something bad. Well, in this case, it is just different and funny. The other day I went to the hospital because I had a knee injury from football (this injury screwed up my snowboard season, salsa classes, football and gym – so that sucks). Anyhow, I was told I had to register at the hospital when I arrived. I saw a bunch of people sitting outside a bunch of booths. I went there and as I got closer this old (really old) lady approached me and asked me if I was here to register. I said “yes”. Then she gave me a queue note. I wondered what it was for and it turned out that she was the HUMAN queue ticket “machine”. Before you entered the booth you gave back your number and then she shouted what number was next. It was quite funny as she was rather old and took her some time to walk between the boths. I stood outside the empty booth and had to wait till she noticed there was a free booth. I wonder what is worse – that job or packing groceries in a shop. I think her job as you can see “groceries packing” as tetris. How many stuff can you put in a bag before it breaks. I mean, that is even a sport! How fast you can pack!

iphone game of the week

This week I was introduced to a game which is VERY addictive but it is great. It is called “Doodle Jump”. My record is around 22 000. Alvin is at around 25 000, Edd is at 28 000 and Mark is leading at around 38000. If you manage to beat 38 000 then feel free to give me a shout so I can inform Mark that he lost the title!

Future Projectors

I currently have a projector at home that I totally love – projectors is the way to go. I found out the 3d projectors are also out and they are not that expensive actually. I think it is a matter of a few years when 2d TVs are as fashionable as floppy disks currently are. I remember when my cousin once turned to me and had a LP in her hand and then asked “what is this?”. Then I felt old! Anyway, for us photographers this is the future for presenting our work – TINY projectors:

Working for free?

Here is a good youtube clip that address the thoughts of working for free – many times as a photographer you are asked to work for free. This is also applicable to other trades such as writers, designers, etc. Check it out:


Funny Video!!!

Website of the week

A cool website for designers/photographers to sell stuff and also for consumers to buy something unique and cool:

Art Exhibition

This painting is done by Angie Steele. She is the wife of my work colleague. I was really impressed by her work – she is having an exhibition in Zurich and thought I should share the details with you:

Exhibition: American Women’s Association in Zürich
Group Exhibition

Opening Sunday 14. March 13:00
Exhibition 1. – 31. March 2010

Schöntalstrasse 8, 8004 Zürich

Tel: 044 240 44 55

Hours: Monday 9.00 -16.0, Tuesday 9.00 – 18.00, Wednesday 9.00 -16.0, (closed Thursday), Friday, 09.00 – 12.00

Public Transportation

From Luzern – Take the InterRegio (IR) train leaving at 10 after or 35 after the hour. Make your way to track 51, 52, or 53 (which are beside track 3, not in the direction you would expect) and take the S2, S8 or S24 to Wiedikon (the first stop). Walk up the nearest stairs, looking in the direction the train entered the station.

From Wiedikon: Once outside Wiedikon station there will be a Coop Pronto across the street (directly across from King Curry). Go to the Coop crossing the tram tracks and street, turning left on Werdstrasse. Just steps away from Coop and before the next intersection, you will turn right in an alleyway that has a woman’s blue spray-painted face. Walk through this alley and follow the street directly in front of you. This is Schöntalstrasse. Follow Schöntalstrasse for 2.5 blocks. The AWCZ is on the left hand side well before you reach the end of the street (which ends at Stauffacherquai). Look for a small silver plaque at about eye level that says “AWCZ” with a black open gate – the area before the plaque just large enough for a single vehicle and is the entrance – a large double-wooden door awaits. Welcome! The exhibition is on the next level upstairs.

Other trams and buses are listed below:

Stauffacher – Trams 2/3/6/9/14 and Bus 76
Bahnhof Wiedikon – Trams 9/14 and Bus 76
Bahnhof Selnau – Tram 8

For other point to point directions visit http://sbb.ch/ or http://maps.google.ch/

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  • Angelic Steele said:

    Thanks Magnus!

    Hope you can come to the opening to see the texture of the paintings. You can't get a sense of that in the photographs I took. If not, you'll have to come over to our place after the show to see them. We're fans of your work as well and really enjoy following your website. What a surprise to see a post of my painting!

    All the best,
    Angelic Steele