Ramble of the week

We are already in June. Half a year has passed. Time flies.  So much has happened already(just last month I went to Sweden and Italy – you can see some cool photos from that in the blog) and many more things are coming up – this month I got 3 weddings to shoot in 7 days, my mum will come and visit,  the football world cup starts, etc.  Lots to look forward to – especially this weekend which is a LONG weekend and promises the first real sunshine in Switzerland. Will be 27 degrees this weekend. I will jump on a boat which will take me to different wedding locations – time to do some scouting. What a great job 🙂

World Cup
Who will win the World Cup guys? I hope Holland or England. Did you know there has only been 8 different countries winning the world cup (or something like that).  Player of the tournament will be Arsenal’s Van Persie. What do you think?

Pro Evo on Playstation
Anyone playing pro evo on playstation3? I love it! You want a challenge? come and find me under “boboSwe” 🙂



  • Last weekend I had a wedding which I will post about soon – but in brief the couple was real good fun and it was a huge wedding. 200 guests. More to come on that!
  • With this couple I will also do some portraits in Gütsch Hotel in Luzern which will be awesome!
  • As stated earlier – I got 3 weddings in June. 2 in Luzern and 1 in Zug. Will be nice to be more local this month. Last wedding I was shooting for 4 hours and travelled for 4 hours.

Website Update
Since last time I wrote I have updated my website – I will go a bit technical – I merged my main site with my blog. My main site was based on flash and my blog was based on wordpress. I have now merged them, purchased a new template from vivathemes (who gives an awesome support) and now it is all based on wordpress. Which I love! I have total control of my content, I can easily update stuff on my site, close to no coding involved, search engines find me easier and perfomance on the site is also better.  As you can see from this:


Sometimes I use “shoot” in the wrong way too..

How to use the word "shoot" in the wrong way

And here is my favourite song for now….this girl can SING!!!

Ramble of the week
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