Print Comparison

I only shoot with digital cameras and I always deliver my digital photos to my client. I also believe many people only view them digitally but the best experience is to watch it on a print. This is true for albums and prints you have on the wall. I think it is easy to fall into the trap “all professional prints looks the same“.  I took some of my pictures and went to two different print shops in Luzern – and the difference is really big. I have scanned two examples below so you can see the difference – in real life the difference is even bigger than you can see on the scans below but still sufficient to get my point across….

Compare the white and black colors.  What stands out for me is the “whiteness”. The dress on the right has the true color. The details are more clear as well. The photo on the left is more “washed out”.

The colors differs between the photos. The “smoothness” is much nicer on the right hand photo. The sky looks more natural.

Next time you buy an album or print – think about this quote “The quality remains when the price is long forgotten“.

Print Comparison
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  • AlinC said:

    I always have problems when printing black and white photos ....
    Something similar to your first example.