My first ‘once-a-week-ramble’ Post

I will try to post an article once a week with random ramble from what has happened from the last ramble. My blog is focused on my photography but it initially started as a place to share my thoughts of Switzerland and also stories of people visiting me. It is great to actually look back at those articles and then remind myself of how it was. From feedback I got it has also been useful for other people who are planning to go to the same place. Anyhow, you can see I am rambling and loosing my point here. So back to my point – this ramble post will contain all kinds of stuff. Links to funny/sad/interesting/etc. articles/videos/photos/blogs or about photography in general or the best football team in the world (Arsenal) etc. Basically anything….

My favourite blog out there is written by my slightly crazy friend – his name is Stefan. A wanna-be latino who can actually dance latino .But he does have some issues….his blog will speak for  itself : (Swedish only & new window opens)

I posted a pic on facebook which a lot of people (in person) said that they liked – so thought I should share it here:


I got some random “Luzern” photos on facebook – here is a link that allows you to view the images without having a facebook account. Click on this link. (new window opens)

Ok….I do like X-factor and I thought the FUNNIEST video was the one embedded. The best singer last round was Danyl (and if you have not seen his first audition then you MUST see it here!). How they can be in the competition I do not know but check it out here (new window opens)

In Sweden the IDOL 2009 is ongoing and this guy is wicked:

And here is the football goal-of-the-week:

I bought some new gadgets – read this post if you are interested 🙂

My first ‘once-a-week-ramble’ Post
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