Luzern Photo Shoot

This weekend I tried off flash photography for the first time. I used a SB-900, SB-600 and one reflector. It was rather cold so poor patricia had to sit there for a couple of hours whilst I was trying to figure out how things are working. I did try to shoot some flashes from below but that made it look very scary. I also experimented with shooting a flash into a golden reflector and highlight the hair from behind. It is much harder than it actually looks.

Below is a few shots to show how it went…..


Here is how Patri felt after a couple of hours in the cold….


Luzern Photo Shoot
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  • Ron said:

    Looks like you've found your muse !,... picture 2 stands out,... the rest look like they're shot against a fake background, I think it's a downside of using flash. It's good to see some work and you're camera is the only one that's not gathering dust, keep up the good work.