– der Schweizer hochzeits shop. Proud Announcement!

Der Schweizer Hochzeits Shop

Kissloud is here.

I am very proud to announce the opening of our swiss wedding shop:

This is something that Patri and I have been working on for over 1.5 years, and the result is finally here. As a swiss wedding photographer I have been following the local wedding industry quite closely and realised that there was something missing in the swiss market – a single place where people could go to and buy various wedding accessories for their entire wedding day. After doing some research, we realised that there are a lot of different wedding products, and for someone who has never gone through the experience of organizing a wedding, it would be hard to know what exactly one wants and when it is needed during the wedding day. This is why we decided to design the menu different from any other wedding shop out there.

The menu on top walks you through the six stages of a wedding (pre weddding, preparation, ceremony, dinner, party, post wedding). In each stage, we have relevant products. For example, by clicking ‘ceremony’ one will see our ring pillows, biodegradable confetti, bubbles and so on. However, this is not the only way to navigate through the site – one can also use our “shop by” function. It allows to shop by “price”, “color” or “theme”.

We aim to store all our products so we can quickly ship it out – for our personalized stationary, which requires customization, it does take a longer time of course. In any case, the availability of a product can always be seen within the product view.

Now to the exciting stuff – the products! We have some really cool stuff (and this is just the beginning!). To mention a few, our plantable stationary – including save the date cards, wedding invitations, wedding reply cards, place cards, favor tags, favours and thank you cards – is made of biodegradable paper which contains wildflowers seeds. When the guests will plant any of these cards in a pot, a beautiful mix of wildflowers will grow! Even cooler are our menu cards! They contain carrot seeds so if they are planted carrots will grow. Check out how it works here

 Furthermore, our variety of bubbles already seem to be a hit (we had two orders so far and both of them bought bubbles). The other common product in our two orders were the “I DO” stickers that the bride can put under her shoes. As a photographer. I of course love sky lanterns – fun activity with the guests and it can create some great photos! We have also several table decoration items, as well decoration for the venue, like buntings, party signs, cute little vintage pails, etc. Also sweets for the guests, disponsable and polaroid cameras and much more!

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The and kissloud are totally seperate businesses but I wanted to share the excitment here. – der Schweizer hochzeits shop. Proud Announcement!
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