April 18, 2013

Wedding from Zurich featured on Junebug

Today one of my photos was from Danke and Miguel’s wedding in Zurich was featured on post “phenomenal photography -getting ready” post by the lovely Junebug Weddings site. For future wedding couples who are thinking “Should I have a photographer when we are getting ready?” I would, without hesitation, say yes – and there are many reasons for it. When you are both getting ready one can really feel the excitement and emotions in the air – so many great photos to capture; you will also get used to me (the photographer) being around;  when you are fully dressed and ready – then that’s usually when you look the best for the entire day. So having some portraits around that time is a great idea. In other words, highly recommended!

Another tip is to get ready in the same place (but separate rooms). This allows the photographer to change rooms when things slow down. Usually the groom leave earlier to the ceremony so that means the photographer can quickly go back to the bride and capture the final preperation (this is when the real good pictures can happen because the wedding ceremony is so close!). Transport wise it is also nice because you will have the same distance and it will be easier to arrange. Hopefully I have convinced you to have your own “getting ready” shots – because they are great.

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Anyway, here is the photo that was featured …

Zurich Wedding photo on Junebug

The blog post from this particular wedding can be seen here: