Tobias and Jacqueline – Zurich – May 2013


Zurich Hochzeit

I know this is a strange question, but how tall are you?” – this was one of the first questions I got when Tobias called me. Already then I knew this wedding was going to be special. His concern was very valid because both him and Jacqueline are tall and he didn’t want someone who was too short. Make sense. A few weeks later we met in my house in Baar and went over their wedding plans in more details. And the more I heard, the more I was intrigued by this wedding. The bride didn’t mind walking for around 60minutes on her wedding day, the groom had ordered custom colored shoes from italy, the colors black and white were not allowed, the bride didn’t wear a white dress either and much more. It was great!

We were unlucky with the weather because it rained every second of the wedding – but the good news were that they didn’t care a bit! The wedding day started off in the boutique hotel Townhouse in Zurich – which was a very cool place in central Zurich. They both got ready there but they didn’t meet each other. We had arranged to meet at Lindenhof which is a spot overlooking central city. We walked there in the rain. When they met you could see how excited they were – and appreciated the effort both put to find something colorful and cool. From there we walked to the Stadthaus to have a civil wedding with the closest family and friends.

After the civil wedding we walked to a few spots in Zurich and took some portrait photos. We tried to find places with a roof – but wasn’t always possible. It was great to see the bride not caring that she was getting wet or it was bloody cold outside. The apero took place in the super nice Belvoirepark. There they had more friends and family waiting. Lovely food was served with lots of variety. When we did the group photos it was still pouring down but we got everyone out and pretended the rain wasn’t there.

After the apero they went to a super cool place – it is called triibhuus in Zurich. It is a place with big green houses. Perfect for a rainy day in fact! Inside it was warm, lots of green and exotic plants. They had a small ceremony and then they changed beautifully decorated green house and had their dinner.
Zurich Hotel Boutique Hotel

Zurich Hotel Boutique Hotel


















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Tobias and Jacqueline – Zurich – May 2013
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