September 24, 2021

Wedding welcome dinner in Zermatt

This wedding weekend in Zermatt started with a welcome dinner up in the mountains. The groom is German so they decided to add a German flavour to the day. I loved it because everybody was very stylish. It started with everyone meeting at Seilbahn Zermatt-Furi in order to take the cable car up. However, due to some misunderstanding it took quite a bit longer than expected as they had closed the lift and left for the weekend. Did this impact the mood of the people? Not at all!

When we got up with the lift then we had to hike down for 10-15min to the very cosy mountain Restaraunt Blatten. As soon as we arrived with the cable car I ran with the couple down to the restaurant. We took some portraits. My favourite moment was during the portrait session of the couple. We were basically finished when I saw behind them that all the guests were coming down the mountain. I told them to turn around and look at their friends and family. It was really magical. Imagine being high up in the mountain and then you see lots of people – looking like ants because they were so small in the distance – and they were all there to celebrate you. Amazing.

The welcome dinner consisted of an apero outside and then a dinner inside the restaurant. It was very relaxed and people had lots of fun. The ending of the evening was really cool. At around 23:00 the dinner was finished and it was time to go home. Only one obstacle. You are in the middle of the mountain and it is pitch dark outside. The solution was to give everyone a torch (not the electrical kind but rather the live one). It was breathtaking.


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