November 14, 2019

Wedding Welcome Dinner at Villa Vedetta

Welcome to Villa Vedetta in Florence. This location was the kick off for an amazing wedding in Italy. Florence is a magical city. Its history is rich, the architecture is beautiful and walking around in the city one can feel the special atmosphere. Imagine now being on a big hill overlooking this. That’s what Villa Vedetta offers.

I have been fortunate to been to the location a few times. One of my favourite moments is to watch people when they arrive. The view somehow catches their breath. What they don’t know is that around the corner they will loose their breath again. The people arrive at the front of the building and see their view. Wow. Then they walk to the back side of the building and see two massive tables. That’s when they realise – we are about to have an amazing dinner and time together.

Now you might wonder – who is arranging all this? I have been fortunate to work with Brenda Babcock for many years. What is amazing is that she is constantly delivering beautiful experiences for her couples.

Having said all this, an event can be in the most perfect place with most perfect setup but if the people who attend do not delivery then it wont work. In this case, the people delivered big time. The mix of funny, crazy and warm people was evident. I think the photos will speak for themselves.

Enjoy this lovely wedding welcome dinner. Keep in mind, this was just the warm up. Their wedding day was even better!