August 10, 2016

Wedding at Villa Vilette and City Garden Hotel in Zug

Cham Wedding Portrait


“I guess your hockey mates will think this is too romantic?” “I don’t mind.” These are the words that stuck with me from this wedding.  It happens to be that Lino is a successful ice hockey player and plays at the highest level. During the photo session I got them real close and with my preconceived opinion of hockey players I said that sentence. This was, rightly so, much bigger than banter with his mates or what other people might think. Great to be part of that!

The wedding day started of with preparation in my own little village – Baar in Canton Zug. After that the civil ceremony took place at Villa Villette in Cham. We then managed to walk around the park and get some photos of the two of them before going on to City Garden Hotel in Zug.

I must say these guys were also really committed to take portrait photos. After Cham we decided to stop in Zug by the lake to take some photos. I was in my own car and a bit ahead of them. When I arrived to the location it was raining cats and dogs. They still came to me to see if we should take photos. They would have been drenched so we skipped it.

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