April 5, 2018

Considering getting married in the Swiss Mountains?

Wedding in Engelberg

Take the step to get married somewhere on the Swiss Mountains?

Are you thinking of getting married in the Swiss mountains? Perhaps this blog post can inspire you to take that step. I highly recommend it. I am a wedding photographer based in Switzerland and I have had the fortune to photograph weddings all around the country. Switzerland is relatively small and the Swiss mountains are relative big which means one is close to a mountain most of the time.
In this blog post you will see wedding photos from locations such as Lenzerheide, KlöntalerseeEngelberg, Verbier, Klosters, Stans, Filzbach, BergunLuzern, Vevey, Vitznau, Burgenstock and Blausee. For each place I have linked a relevant wedding. If you are interested in a particular area then simply click the link and you will see an entire wedding from that location.

Tips from me
A recommendation for getting married in the Swiss alps is to plan it outside the high season months. For example, like the wedding at Bergun was during winter season. It was amazing. Another wedding I did in Blausee was during autumn and you can see the amazing colours in the trees. Thinking about it,  summer wedding have most stuff indoors anyway. You get ready indoors, most people get married indoors and dinner and party is indoors. The only outdoors is apero. Why not do it during winter season and you get everything cheapar and a very unique setting with being surrounded by snow.
Finally, if you have the opportunity to get married in the Swiss mountains then do it. A simple outdoor ceremony with the mountains as a backdrop. It will look like a painting and all your closest friends and families will really enjoy it. During the summer when it is really hot then it is nice to be high up as it will cool you down. During the winter, the white snow will light up your wedding. Win-win I think. Go for it!
If you have any questions then feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help.

Wedding in KlöntalerseeWedding in Klöntalersee
Wedding in Stans
Wedding in Luzern Lake
Wedding in the Swiss Mountains of VerbierWedding in Klöntalersee
Wedding in Klosters
Verbier Wedding

Lenzerheide Wedding
Luzern Wedding
Lenzerheide Wedding
Wedding in Klöntalersee
Wedding in Luzern
Wedding in VeveyHoczheit in Luzern
Hochzeit Swiss Berg

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