May 21, 2017

Wedding at Seminarhotel Lihn in Filzbach

Haylee and Martin got married at Lihn Seminarhotel in Filzbach. Haylee is from Australia and Martin from Switzerland. They chose a place where their families could stay for the night but also to see the beautiful side of Switzerland. I must say the did a fantastic job. Mother nature also helped them out a bit because a few days before the wedding it was snowing like mad but on the wedding day the sun appeared. On the ground it was green and on the mountains it was white. It could have not been better executed.

The wedding day at Lihn Seminarhotel started with them getting ready in separate rooms. After that we walked around the hotel and took some photos of their closest family members. The ceremony took place outdoors. I love outdoor weddings. The backdrop was the alps whilst the sun was shining. Amazing. The ceremony was very relaxed as it was held by their closest friends and family. For the apero the guests could listen to some alphorn music whilst we had a family photo session. During the wedding dinner Martin’s mum performed and Haylee’s parents had a very nice combo speech.  As a wedding photographer I usually do not know the people who are getting married but having the privilege to spend the entire day with them on such an important day does give me a good insight of who they are. This is why I am not surprised that they decided to wing their wedding speech which was very fun and emotional. In short, it was a great wedding.

I hope you will enjoy these photos from Seminarhotel Lihn in Filzbach….

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