Wedding Rehearsal Dinner at Podere il CasaleOctober, 2016



This wedding rehearsal dinner took place at Podere il Casale. I have shot quite a few weddings in Italy and I must say this location was really unique. It was raw. It was authentic. It was alive. I spoke to the owner of the place who happens to be from Switzerland. He mentioned he was a musician and then moved to Italy to make food. When you go around at the farm you see his animals, land, small camping and the restaurant with organic food. After I had my owndinner I went straight to their shop to buy some of their olive oil. It was amazing. The guests had local cheese, home made pizza and gelato for dinner. Perfect.

Rose and Dimiris, who were going to get married the day after, met me before all their guests arrived. It was the first time we met. They were super easy to be with and we had a small portrait session straight away. The surroundings of the farm is spectacular. In paintings you often see the hills and light of Tuscany. We got to experience it right there and then.

The wedding guests came from different parts of the world and it was great to see so them having a fun time together. The wedding planner for the two days was the fantastic Cindy Salgado and Singaporeflw.


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Wedding Rehearsal Dinner at Podere il Casale
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  • Dennis and Roberta Carter said:

    Our son and daughter in law, Matthew and Julia, were at the wedding. Julia is roses's sister and Matthew is her brother in law. We were thrilled this morning to see the beautiful pictures from the comfort of our home in santa Fe, New Mexico,USA.
    You are an amazing photographer, capturing the moment of a very special occasion! The Rehearsal dinner was a huge success!

  • Eva karaolis said:

    The proof is in the amazing and unforgetable night enjoyed by everyone that was there. The atmosphere was full of love for rose and dimitris, the two people that were preparing themselves for the following day...the food was authentic and for the photographs...magnus you are a genius...can't wait to see the wedding photos....Eva (mother of the Groom )...