Wedding rehearsal dinner at La Badia di Orvieto


This lovely two day wedding took place at La Badia di Orvieto. The first day was a relaxed rehearsal dinner. It involved italian singers, collective singing and drinking lots of nice wine.

Orvieto is perhaps not the first city that people think of when they come to Italy. But this area is absolutely breathtaking. The hotel itself is in the hills via view of the town which is based on a big cliff. It looks majestic.

During the day the guests had been enjoying themselves by the swimming pool or going to the city and in the evening they had the welcome dinner/rehearsal dinner. Basically, eat food and have fun!

The wedding planning was done by the team of Italia Celebrations. Videographer on the day was the talented Wade Koch from Sharkpig.

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Wedding rehearsal dinner at La Badia di Orvieto
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