June 13, 2017

Wedding Party at Zurich Seebad Enge

This was something unusual for me. There were no normal wedding traditions at this wedding. They simply wanted to have a party with their friends.  I met Oliver (the groom) at Raffi and Sandra’s wedding where he was the best man. Some people just have lots of energy and attracts people. Oliver is a person like that. As a photographer, I get the privilege to see a lot of relationships and with Oliver and his wife Steffi I could see that they have lovely balance between each other. They have a lot of laughter together which is beautiful to see.

Oliver runs a design company in Zurich called Evolve which do super cool stuff. He does not work with wedding stuff but he did put together their own wedding invite which was a flipbook of some sort. Very cool!

The wedding took place at Zurich Seebad Enge which was the perfect place in Zurich to have a big relaxed wedding party.  I loved that there were low tables, people sitting on an elevated floor and the view of Zurich city.

The day started with some family photos of them and their son and then there was a BBQ and Party for the next 7 hours. Enjoy the photos!

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