Post wedding session at Park Hotel Vitznau

Wedding Park Hotel Fitznau

Park Hotel Vitznau was the location for this couple who wanted to have a portrait/family/wedding session. It was an unsual photo session because they were already married but wanted some post wedding photos here in Switzerland. Their real wedding took place in Japan.

I never had a wedding session at Park Hotel Vitznau and I must say it is a perfect location. Located by the water with some fantastic views – as you can see from the photos below.

The day started with getting ready at the hotel and then a portrait session at the garden of Park Hotel Vitznau. We were worried  it would rain that day but turned out to be the complete opposite! After the session at the garden we moved to Meggenhorn Castle. They really chose two great spots for a portrait session.

These guys were very easy going and they laughed a lot which made the entire photo session easy going and fun! Enjoy the post wedding photos!


Park Hotel Vitznau HochzeitPark_Hotel_Fitznau-19Park_Hotel_Fitznau-12 Park_Hotel_Fitznau-8Wedding Park Hotel Vitznau Park_Hotel_Fitznau-7Park Hotel Vitznau Park_Hotel_Vitznau-11Meggenhorn Castle

Post wedding session at Park Hotel Vitznau
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