June 12, 2016

Wedding at Les Trois Rois in Basel


Les Trois Rois Wedding

Wedding at Les Trois Rois in Basel

Outside people were baking themselves in the sun. A demonstration was going on as well. This is what happened outside the doors of this wedding day. Let me tell you what happened inside. It was the first big wedding of the year for me. If there is one hotel you have to visit in Basel, this is the one. This is where Rebecca and Ameet got married. Well, they did not really get married here – they held an intimate marriage ceremony in the Seychelles several months ago but many people did not know. This couple is very well travelled so when they say this is their favourite hotel, it is for good reason. Even as a photographer I got to experience the amazing service and food. The hotel was Les Trois Rois in Basel. The day started by them getting ready in different rooms within the hotel. Ameet and his best men were real characters so there was a lot of laughter whilst getting ready. Before the formal celebrations began we were driven by a Bentley to Schloss Bottmingen to take some portrait photos, an area where they frequently visit as they live close by.  They kicked off the wedding by walking in whilst an amazing opera singer from England was performing. Ameet then broke the news that they were already married and revealed their wedding photos on big TV screens. Everyone enjoyed the photos with a glass (or two) of champagne before starting an amazing five-course banquet. During the evening an illustrator, Josh Knowles, captured memories and stories about Rebecca and Ameet, and a photo booth, provided by monkey booth, was popular with all! The celebrations continued as they drank cocktails and danced to the sounds of DJ Julien To into the early hours of the morning. What a wedding!


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Photo Booth: http://www.monkeybooth.ch
DJ: https://www.facebook.com/DJjulienTo
Illustrations were done by Josh Knowles: http://www.joshknowles.co.uk

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