Wedding at La Val Hotel in Breil/Brigels

Hotel LA VAL

I was in contact with Eliane since beginning of 2014 about photographing their wedding day in La Val Hotel in Breil/Brigels. The wedding took place 6th of June – as a Swede I must point out it is also Sweden’s national day. A good day to get married basically.

In June, or any other month, you never know what weather you will get in Switzerland. On this day it was absolutely perfect. It was 30 degrees plus! I was glad we were up at the mountains where it was slightly cooler.

The preparation took place at La Val Hotel and they got ready separately. The boys had some Jaegermeister to warm up whilst the ladies had some bubbly. The guests took an old school post bus to and from church. After the church we took some wedding portraits but it was so hot that we had to keep it short. After the apero we had another session. During the dinner the best man had arranged a game where they blindfolded the groom and then he had to guess who his wife was based on touching their wrist. When he selected the “winner” he had to kiss that person. He did correctly choose his wife, he also kissed her whilst being blind folded – but when he took off the cover the best man had changed the bride for another guest. Check out his reaction in the photos below! Brilliant stuff! After this they took the wedding guests for a little walk where they had a firework display along with releasing sky lanterns. Then they had a cake and a big party!

It was an absolute pleasure photographing their wedding day!



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Wedding at La Val Hotel in Breil/Brigels
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