October 19, 2016

Wedding in Klosters at Chesa Grischuna Hotel


This was a lovely wedding in Klosters with Nina and Philipp. They chose this place because this is where they spend much of their time during the winter. The day started off by getting ready at hotel Chesa Grischuna. Then the church ceremony was only a few minutes away. This is the advantage of getting marriage in a small village. Everything is really close by. The weather was amazing so after the church they all had a few drinks whilst the sun was slowly setting behind the mountains. We then took the car and drove up the mountains and had a portrait sesion. I love it when the couple also likes a nice portrait so they do not mind driving to different places and exploring together. We then headed back to Chesa Grischuna where the wedding dinner took place. A funny moment was when Nina threw her flowers for the single ladies. It landed in the laps of a guy. I reckon this guy will get married very soon 🙂
The following day they had brunch together at Alp Garfiun (http://www.alpgarfiun.ch/). It was very cool because this place is in the middle of the mountains. They parked their cars half way up the mountains and then they walked for 30minutes or so. The weather was again fantastic so it was a great way to end their wedding.

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