August 15, 2020

Wedding in Zug

The first big & only wedding of 2020 (due to Corona) took place at Heuboden in Zug. I was very excited to photograph again!

Before telling you about the wedding there is a funny story behind this. I am based in Baar (canton Zug) and for people who follow me on social media can see I have started another hobby which is woodworking. I attended a course and started to go to a local place where one can work with wood. Fast forward to my first meeting with the bride and groom. You know when you look at someone but you can’t really place them? I was sitting there looking at the groom and thinking exactly that. Where do I know him from? Then the coin dropped. He was the supervisor for the place where I went to do woodworking. Sometimes the world is small.

Back to the wedding day. I started with photographing the groom and his friends. They were getting ready in Baar. The friend’s place was very masculine so it was a  perfect place for groom photos. What I particularly liked was the color of the groom’s suite. Most people wear blue but he went for green – stylish! They surprised the groom by getting an old school car as well. It suited him perfectly. The bride got ready at her flat in Zug. After she was ready she met with her father downstairs. I always enjoy when the bride meets the parent after getting dressed. The joy, nerves and pride really shines through.

The wedding ceremony, apero and party took place at Heuboden. It was predicted to rain but everything went perfectly fine. The rain that came cooled down the air which made everything more pleasant. The bride and groom had also arranged a photo booth which was very popular. Generated a lot of laughter and joy.

I hope you will enjoy these photos!


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