May 27, 2021

Wedding in Nyon

Wedding Season 2021 is up & running! It started with a civil wedding at Chateau de Nyon. What a place to kick of the season!

Due to Corona restrictions the wedding was limited to 15 people (including me) but that did not stop this from being a beautiful wedding in Nyon. For the ceremony everyone wore a mask and I bet this is something the couple will never forget. Imagine sitting with the grandchildren and they will ask “Why are you wearing a mask when you were getting married?”.

After the ceremony we had some family photos with a wonderful view of the lake. We then went for a walk and took some portrait in the area before heading back for an apero. There everyone had some snacks and drinks. After that I wrapped up and headed home.  It took me 3 hours to drive to Nyon and 3 hours to go home. I photographed 3 hours. Still worth every minute! 

Luckily for me this was ‘just’ the civil wedding. Next year the big party will happen! By then I hope we have closed the Corona chapter fully. Can’t wait to step onto a dance floor which is packed with people.

A special thanks goes to Nikon who lent me 2 new cameras (Nikon D780 and Nikon Z6 ii) to use for this wedding. For camera geeks out there – I am now going mirrorless! I used the Nikon Z6ii and it worked really well.  

It was so nice to be back behind the camera. I had 1 wedding in 2020 but now I am looking forward to many more in 2021. Feels super good to be shooting again.

Enjoy the photos & welcome to the wedding season of 2021!

See you at the next wedding!

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