August 1, 2021

Wedding in Brissago

This lovely wedding took place at Yachtsport Resort SA in Brissago.

The story behind this wedding is a bit different. Many years ago I attended a wedding fair in Luzern and here I met the bride’s mother. She told me at the wedding day that she wanted to hire me the day she needed a wedding photographer. Furthermore, a few years later the bride’s father attended my photography course in Zurich. These two encounters brought me to this wedding in Brissago.

This year the weather in Switzerland have been very uncertain but this year Brissago brought its a-game in terms of weather. Not too hot nor any rain.

At first I went to yachtsport resort hotel to meet the groom for his getting ready. His best mans and brother joined as well. From there I went to the bride to get ready. After this the main event started. The wedding ceremony took place at Europe’s largest catamaran (on a lake). We then cruised around Lago Maggiore before heading back to Yachtsport Resort hotel. The rest of the evening took place here.

The bride and the groom were really great to be with. I could clearly see that they had a special connection. During the portrait sessions they interlinked so naturally (and the rest of the evening of course).

Enjoy the wedding photos.

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