November 28, 2021

Civil Wedding in Baar

Baar was the location for this wedding. It is not often I get to photograph where I am based or in November time – it was great fun. This couple had been engaged for 8 years and it was finally time to tie the know. It was my first ‘streamed’ wedding I have attended. The groom is from South Africa and due to Corona it was hard for people to travel. Therefore they decided to stream the wedding ceremony. I love how technology can solve problems like this. The bride’s mother is Swedish so it was also nice to be able to speak my mother tongue at a wedding.

The wedding ceremony took place in Baar. Obviously due to Corona some safety measures had to be taken. Masks were mandatory and also safe distancing.

After the ceremony we all moved to the casino in Zug where the apero and dinner took place. Before that we walked around the old town of Zug and took some portrait photos. That day was very foggy which created a magical atmosphere.



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